I was in Llandudno yesterday afternoon, I believe it was you who put on an awesome display over the west shore.
I just wanted to say a big thankyou, not meant for us but it was so special. We have come away with my mum for the week to colwyn bay, which is where my mum was born. Llandudno is a very special place for us, and yesterday we were on the side of the great orme making memories, which prooved very emotional. Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer last november. We were both quite upset and then you arrived and performed an awesome display, which i took a video of for 6 minutes. The hearts you drew in the sky made us both very happy as i love my mum very much. Just wanted to say how happy you made us and how amazed mum was with your skill. Thank you again!

Dear Mark, Thank you so much for putting on the most wonderful and exhilarating air display today. The surprise went down exceedingly well. Our guests couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing – so many death defying stunts. It was truly a special spectacle! Thank you very much,

That was one hell of a display. As it was a surprise for everyone at the lunch the reaction on the ground was brilliant. My husband pretended he was on the phone to you explaining where we were. It was very funny. Our neighbour is also a pilot and he was extremely impressed. It was the icing on the cake for a weekend of celebration. Thank you so much it was just brilliant. Best wishes,

Thank you so much for making our wedding day and drinks reception so memorable. It was the most amazing air display and so special to know it was for us. Our friends and family still haven’t stopped talking about the occasion.

Hi Mark, that was the most stunning display!! I was shaking the whole way through!!!! I had kept it a complete secret so everyone was mystified as to who had arranged it. It was most definitely the show stopper of the day!! Not just for our wedding party but the village….for once our neighbours loved us!! Lol!!! Many thanks again.

One word: Awesome. More than one word: truly awesome and thank you. The party was a great success and you and your display were instrumental it making it so special.

Hi Mark Truly spectacular. Thank you so much. Not sure how you do that! As a novice if I go more than 60 degrees bank angle from straight and level I tend do do something childish! Unbelievable. When you shut down and fall then recover it is truly heart stopping. Fantastic display. Can’t thank you enough. Timing was perfect as well. Could not have been better Truly brilliant Thank you again. Best Regards, Nick.

Ps, Should have said my niece was shaking and  crying with delight. Could not quite believe it was for her.

What an absolutely fantastic display! It had an amazing reaction I was astounded too!
Thank you so much
Best wishes

Absolute f’ing awesome! So so good! We loved it! Thank you so much, what an entrance and exit! The display is the talk of the town at the minute! All the best, Rob & Charlie

Thank you so so much! I really can’t thank you enough for showing such kindness in your fly by! It was just amazing. I hadn’t told any of my guests and they were absolutely astonished. It was such a lovely touch and really added to our big day. It was the cream of the crop on a truly special event for us.

We had a day that went even better than we imagined and feel incredibly lucky to have witnessed your “love in the air”. Thank you for being part of our big day.

Dear Mark,
Just to thank you for a great display.
My guests were really impressed and excited, as was the rest of the village. They can’t stop talking about it.

Wow did your display go down a treat or what! They absolutely loved it, I was there again yesterday and they were all talking about it! Def a big highlight of the day.

Thank you so much, you did a fabulous job and it was great to see you set against a lovely blue sky!

Hi Mark
Just a wee note to say how super yesterday went and a huge thank you to you and your team. I believe we will see nothing again like it in our lifetime. The cheering from the crowd was the proof. I believe you got more of a cheer than Her Majesty!
With kind regards

Mark, I Just want to thank you once again for such an incredible display. As you have probably heard from Dad, we are STILL getting messages from different guests saying how amazing it was. I realise the conditions really were not great, so thank you very much for it. It really made our day.

Arthur and I really can’t thank you enough for the absolutely phenomenal air display you flew in the Extra 330 at our wedding in May. I had no idea that Dad had organised it, and it was the most amazing gift any daughter could ask for. It was a hugely personal and sentimental touch.

I have photos to prove my jaw hit flaw watching you display. It was Arthur’s first time watching an airshow (pretty amazing ‘1st’ on his wedding day :) and he was thrilled, in fact all of the guests were. It is definitely going to be talking point for many years to come. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When you made the aircraft ‘tumble’ out the sky and almost hover, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. The words breathtaking and magnificent don’t do your display justice. Once again, thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts. We are both so honored you were able be part of our special day. Olivia and Arthur X

Mark, I thought I would write you a short note to say a massive thank you for the display that you flew at my daughter’s wedding this past Sunday. We were extraordinarily lucky that there was a perfect hole in the weather for your display. As a pilot myself I know how professional and committed you had to be to make it to the venue at all, let alone EXACTLY on time and then fly a thoroughly breathtaking routine. Awsome! I have been flying air displays for16 years myself and yours was absolutely perfect. I had kept the display secret so that it would be a surprise for Olivia and my guests, to see the look on my daughter’s face was one of the greatest feelings, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart. She thought it the best ever wedding present and I have to agree. As for the comments from the guests throughout the evening; every single person was impressed, almost beyond words, apart from the “oohs” and “aahhs” during the display, “WOW” was the most common response. I can absolutely guarantee that they will remember the wedding and your display for the rest of their lives. Once again thank you for making an emotional day, perfect. Chris.

Hi Mark
Very many thanks for your superb display on Saturday at my sons wedding reception. It certainly added the wow factor to a great day. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your amazing display!I’d recommend you to anyone considering marking their special day, thanks again.

Mark, what can I say, your display was absolutely brilliant, a total surprise to all 120 guest and the talking point of the village of Blagdon and surrounding areas. The Bride and Groom were totally in awe of your display, as was everyone else, the heart in the sky was perfect.

Noel and Amy wished me to let you know how much it made their day so memorable, everyone there, including the Coombe lodge Management was so impressed. Thank you one again for a brilliant display of skilful flying.

Mark, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. I mean it, a sincere and heartfelt thank you – it was a superb show and my little girl was thrilled. You stopped traffic and the local residents and pub emptied out into the street to watch the show!! The venue management saw the show too and have asked me to provide them with your details so they can promote your show to future brides/grooms. All the best, Den

Hi Mark, Thank you for bringing the show to a halt at 2pm on the 27th September. Is that what you call a show stopper? Anyway the display was very well received and I think you had a full audience. No one complained from the horse section (they were too busy complaining about other things!)

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I just wanted to email you to say how fantastic the air display was at the Gransden show on Saturday. I have never seen anything quite like it. It was the highlight of the day for me! So thank you!

Chairman of the Organising Committee – Uffington White Horse Show 2015- Thank you for your display, it went down very well amongst our visitors, so much so that we would like you to do the same again next year!

Hi Mark, just wanted to say a massive thank you for the amazing display you put on, on Wednesday at the fort. It was a huge suprise for everyone and they were all suitably impressed, you certainly exceeded my expectations. Thanks again. Steve.

Thank you so much for your fantastic air display at our wedding on 22 August. We have just got back from honeymoon and settled back into normal life again!! The display was a great surprise to our guests and really marked the day as a special occasion. I understand that Wansford village all came out to watch, as well as the hotel staff and people even said they could see the display from Sacrewell Farm. The photographer captured everyone’s surprised looks and the heart shapes in the sky were incredible. My grandfather, a Pathfinder Lancaster pilot, commented that it was: ‘the most precise performance I have ever seen.’

The display on Saturday was absolutely awesome. We had kept it a secret from all our guests so it was a massive surprise for everyone, they were literally gobsmacked. Some of the old dears told me they were so thrilled watching it they had to look away at some points because it was too exciting. The hearts looked perfect even though it was quite windy, everyone went “awww” and clapped.

Thank you so much, it was an amazing display. Both the heart and the kiss showed up very well. Everyone was so excited, your extreme aerobatics were truly wonderful.

Thank you for your display yesterday, perfection, your were the talk of everyone all evening, people said they had never seen anything like that at a wedding before! It was hard to drag everyone out of the bar but I promised them it would be worth while and you did not disappoint.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you!! it was absolutely amazing & Mike was absolutely thrilled as were the rest of our guests!!!

“Did you manage to keep it a secret?” (MJ) I did!!! the best man who was in on it all managed to convince the guests we were doing a group photo to get them all gathered together & then nearly gave them all a nervous breakdown when you flew past – it was BRILLIANT!!!!! :-)

Hi Mark, I would like to say a huge thank you from me and Mike, it was a fantastic display, enjoyed by all and Mike absolutely loved the surprise. It made the day so special and will be the talk of all the guest for some time. Thank you so much it was brilliant, I hope you enjoyed the rest of your bank holiday. Thanks again.

Mark, A huge thank you for a fantastic display enjoyed by all. You were amazing!

Mark, Just one of many notes I imagine you’ll receive to thank you for the display you flew over WeddingFest on Saturday afternoon. I’m pleased to say I was the first person (other than Liz) to contribute towards your fee, and it was money very well spent! I hugely enjoyed watching your display, and also watching the amazed faces of the people around me during it. Thank you very much indeed. – Denny

Hi Mark,I just wanted to say how amazing your display was on Sunday,I loved your display SO much. I must say, you scare me when you plummet spiralling to earth, and how on earth do you get the plane to hover like you do, planes aren’t meant to do that!!! Incredible, just fantastic, I cannot say enough about it to be honest – Jenny Lancaster

The Bride and Groom were totally blown away as were the other 150 strong guests. It really really was the icing on the the cake to the most beautiful ceremony. I’m not sure if i mentioned it to you before but the groom is a pilot, as is his father and his girlfriend and unbeknownst to me there was about five other guests all avid flying enthusiasts or past pilots! Everyone was in awe of your skills and all the correct lingo and jargon was flying around the field when you soared above our heads. – Liz Hurley.

“I’d thought you’d like to know that Mark Jefferies completely stole the show at the Summer Ball two weeks ago. His display was the perfect way to open the Ball and he had 500 people in awe whilst he was hovering vertically on the prop! Thank you so much for recommending him; I owe you one.”

Dear Mark, We are just writing to say a ‘huge thank you’ for the phenomenal flying display you provided at our wedding at South Farm, Shingay cum Wendy on Wednesday 3rd October this year. The display was thoroughly enjoyed by all of our guests who couldn’t quite believe what the were treated to. – Hayley & Simon.

Hi Mark.thank u thank u thank u!!!wot an amazing display you gave us down at hever last month.fantastic.the whole crowd were left speechless by it and then it was all they could talk about.it really made everyones day and turned what was already a magical wedding into something truly special.

Thank you for delighting our guests today. I heard so many admiring comments, people were truly amazed by the display you gave. One person suggested that we should have provided sick bags he was so affected by what he saw! – June Dukes

Just a quick note to say how much everyone enjoyed your display at the weekend – the talking point of the wedding! The weather was perfect and your display brilliant. Thanks again – Pippa

A very late note to thank you for the most stunning display that I have ever seen. I just have no idea how you initiate and complete some of those manoevres and stay orientated during them, stunning. – Ted

I just wanted to say a big thank for the wonderful display on Saturday to celebrate our marriage. I managed to keep it as a surprise for the groom & he was so shocked & surprised when you appeared & loved every minute of it! All of our guests thought the display was fantastic & it was the only wedding they have ever been to where an air display has taken place, I have recommended you to everyone! We got some great photos too. Our only regret is that we have not been able to thank you in person! Many thanks again……- Helen Bailey

I’ve never seen a plane hang by its prop before and the ”hanging” manoeuvres defy description. Absolutely brilliant display and I felt the pilot was enjoying it at least as much as the crowd – he gave a really good display with incredible variety and I felt he had no intention of doing a few turns, rolls and loops and disappearing. This was a full-on, full-value performance. The heart was a very nice touch – Thanks for a great display.- Alan Holden

Rich & I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the absolutely AMAZING air display yesterday. We were all enthralled and it was a brilliant surprise for our guests! We particularly loved your entrance…..

Kripa and I would like to say that you were absolutely amazing on our wedding day. Your arrival was to the second and the display was breath taking. My wife was totally amazed and will remember you aerobatic manoeuvres for the rest her life. We were both, along with our guests totally astonished with the way you produced the fabulous heart in the air. Once again, thank you for your immaculate display, it was perfect.

“Everyone I have spoken to was amazed, particularly a number of pond dippers standing by the dyke when you suddenly appeared! We are so glad that you came early and didn’t abandon when the weather deteriorated, we wouldn’t have wanted to miss such a thrilling spectacle.”

Hi Mark – just wanted to thank you for pulling it off on Saturday and blowing them all away despite the wind and weather: your display was the talk of the evening (and breakfast the next day) which pulled all the guests together, gave them something in common to talk about and made the whole event go with a real swing. Many thanks – exactly what we hoped for.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing you were on 23rd July. I managed to keep it a complete secret from absolutely everyone. Your display reduced two of the (more emotional!) guests to tears, and we were in absolute awe of what you do. It was such a pleasure to have you be part of our wedding day” – Tammy Bloxham

“Everyone I have spoken to was amazed, particularly a number of pond dippers standing by the dyke when you suddenly appeared! We are so glad that you came early and didn’t abandon when the weather deteriorated, we wouldn’t have wanted to miss such a thrilling spectacle.”

“We also had an email from a lady that thought she was going crazy as she saw a plane flying backwards and wondered if we knew anything about it, we replied saying that you were very privileged to see one of the world’s best aerobatic pilots”

“The display was absolutely awesome and everyone is still talking about it. I have a few male friends that are due to get married this year who are not so happy with me as their brides to be want something similar……and they say they cannot compete with that…..”

“Once again, thank you so much for an excellent display and for the way in which you helped me out when I thought it was all too late to sort anything out at such late notice. Many thanks and kind regards”

“Mark. what can we say but……………wow……your display topped a great day and everyone couldn’t stop talking about u thank you for your time and display it really did put the final touches to a great day”

“Just a quick msg to say thank you for the display on Saturday afternoon. I guess sadly with an air display we don’t get to meet to say thank you in person!! The crowd was very unsuspecting and it came as a great surprise. Very unique! The show was really incredible and we were all staring up in amazement and awe. We got a great picture of the heart in the sky :)”

“Mark that was a FANTASTIC show. Everyone was absolutely thrilled at the display. Quite a few of the guests were ex-pilots including a couple from the War, and everyone was very very impressed. Great stuff. Thank you.”

“We were really impressed with the air display. It was fantastic. One of our guests was a BA 777 Captain who also has an interest in aerobatics – he was extremely impressed and said how good it was. We’ve talked about it every day during the honeymoon and both agree that it added a little magic to our day……..so Russell’s surprise from me went down very well! Thank you very much.”

“Mark, Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, fabulous, amazing, awesome, spectacular, You captured 120 peoples attention in our garden for 10 minutes with there eyes totally fixed to the sky, you was fantastic. We had the most fantastic wedding day, all of the people that we used were wonderful our Victoria is so lucky to be able have such memories.”

“You nailed it Mark, thank you very very much, our best regards Gerry, Jackie, Victoria and Stu.”

“We were all “oooohing” and “aaaahhhing” every time you did a manoeuvre . Honestly, we were beyond amazed by your skills and I was totally dumbfounded by how you managed to make the ‘plane “float” in the air like that! Most of all, I LOVED the heart you drew so perfectly in the air!!”

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